The light always plays an important role in daily life, particularly at night. It can easily create the different atmosphere whatever is romantic, relaxed, or comfortable for you. Besides, the suitable light can also effectively cheer you up while you feel depressed. Now there is an amazing smart light that I extremely want to introduce to you. That is Yeelight YLFW01YL Smart Atmosphere Candle Light - a ultimate atmosphere and emotion creator.



What is Yeelight YLFW01YL Candela Light?

Yeelight YLFW01YL Candela Light is a new-style smart light which combines the latest BLE Mesh technology with an elegant minimalist design to reinvent tour candlelight experience. Simple and beautiful appearance and versatility make it an indispensable presence at your home. With it, your home life will be more enjoyable.



Design & Function of Candela Light


Perfect appearance

Transparent glasses lampshade presents a clear beauty, meanwhile, combines with silver metal lamp holder, the whole lamp is retro and elegant. Candela light just like a beautiful impact on design aesthetics and light.

Also, it will bring you the different and unique visual experience.


As for button and port, there is only a switch button and the hidden charge port, more practical and beautiful.



Light - just like the candlelight

1800K candlelight-like creates a warm atmosphere without any flame danger. Exported excellent LED beads with unique illumination structure to protect eyes and bring sweet and warm atmosphere.