There is no doubt that we have to admit that Xiaomi is really a fantastic brand as it develops a series of affordable, cost-effective, and high-performance electronic products. Meanwhile, they are all very practical and useful to our life.    

Today, I’ll introduce some worthy Xiaomi new arrivals to you.

You know, with the more and more electronic product appeared in our lives, mobile power bank is essential while we go out, it can help to keep them working all the time in case of emergency. Xiaomi power bank adopts the high-density Li-polymer battery that greatly prolongs the use time of your items. Meanwhile, they come with a high-quality circuit-protection chip to ensure the safe use while charging. There is 3 capacities - 20000mAh, 10000mAh, and 5000Ah that you can choose for different purposes.


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For music lovers, earphones is essential like breath. Good earphones will offer the immersive experience just like get into concert directly. Xiaomi earphones feature the super bass and authentic sound that offers the excellent music experience for you. Now, there is also 3 earphones is ready for you. Mi capsule earphones, Mi hybrid Pro earphones, and Mi hybrid pro HD earphones.

Mi capsule earphones is designed with capsule style earbuds that can perfectly fit your ear and keep you away from the noise. Meanwhile, it will bring you cozy feeling with soft tactile and you will never feel tried after longtime using.

(SKU: 10245)

Mi hybrid earphones adopt the creative “ dual dynamic + balanced armature” drivers and integrate three drivers into the same earphones that can provide more rich and detailed sound for you.


Mi hybrid pro HD earphones is based on Mi hybrid pro earphones and output more HD sound because of CNC noise canceling technology. Choose the one you need.



Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker is also a great choice for music lovers. Considering that not only exquisite appearance, but also powerful performance, they are very suitable for office, home, or a party. There are 2 sizes speaker for you. The mini one is more portable, you can take it on a trip or just go out. The bigger one is more friendly to be used at your home or office. Do you want to experience powerful and portable sound anytime and anywhere? Purchase them now!


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I have to say that Xiaomi smartwatch is a really cost-effective item in all of smart watched now, especially Mi brand 2. Do you know how many steps you take, how many calories you consume, and how far you run? Don't worry, when you wear the Xiaomi Mi brand 2 to do exercise, such as running, climbing, all these data can be synchronized and analyzed on your mobile phone which helps you plan your exercise time and amount more reasonably. It comes with TPU adjustable wristband, giving you a skin-friendly, breathable feeling. When you sleep, it will monitor your sleep. It can also wake you up by vibrating gently. Mi Band 2 will record every moment staying with you. Just to live a healthy life with it!



For selfie loves, there must be some problems that you have met. If you tired of taking the same old photos trying to squeeze yours and your friend's face into a tiny frame, if you are always embarrassed to ask strangers to snap pictures of you when traveling, if you want to add more angles to your selfies, then, Xiaomi selfie stick is an amazing items that can not be missed. This handy gadget does not only help you take better selfies, but also acts as a tripod holder helping you take clearer photos with your phone camera. It is no exaggeration that you will take your photos to a new level with Xiaomi selfie stick.


In addition, portable size let it can be taken away easily. Where to go, where to take a selfie.


Finally, there are two Xiaomi bags is ready for you. Minimalist and multifunctional design, they can be used at wherever you want, and always suitable.


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Let’s start a Xiaomi lifestyle!