As you know, Chinese company Xiaomi has kinds of products for all cases of life, so never surprise to see any product with this brand. One of such products we are going to talk about today, meet the Xiaomi M365 intelligent folding electric scooter. With a stylish appearance, good design and useful features this vehicle could win hearts of many customers. Now, let's take a peek at this device in detail and find out what key features helped it to win the world.

xiaomi mijia scooter

The first is the minimalist design as usual with no fancy stuffs. It is extremely simple which comes only in two colors, black and white. Coming with an unfolded size of 1080mm * 430mm * 1140mm and a folding size of 1080mm * 430mm * 490mm, this scooter weighs only 12.5 KG, could be one of the lightest electric scooters on the market nowadays.

Next the Xiaomi M365 uses dual braking system, on the rear wheel it has a disk brake system similar with the ones found on bicycles and it's very efficient. Beside the stopping power the system is also highly reliable and easy to tune and maintain and also is drag free and contributes to longer working range. The front wheel has also the role of braking by using the motor, combined with the smart controller it can pulse and modulate the stopping power making it work as an E-ABS system. The front wheel brake is automatically triggered when the rear brake is activated by the user.

Because the M365 scooter has IP54 waterproof rating it can function when it's raining but with only one constriction and that is that the water level should not be bigger than 2cm. To further improve the comfort of the user large wheel fenders were used to keep dirt and water away.

Another key feature of the scooter is the portability design due to its folding design, it just takes a few seconds to fold it and the handle bar turns into a holder. The build quality is exceptionally good, it mostly made from aviation grade aluminum alloy and all the welding sections are oversized, which has good mechanical properties and is as resistant to moisture, and other corrosive elements on the road. Also plastic parts are of very good quality. 

portable folding electric scooter

The locking mechanism of the folding part is also a masterpiece of work as is easy to use and massively built making it extremely tough and reliable but also easy to use. For even more safety a second plastic latch will lock the main lever so that even accidental openings will not be possible. 

The folding system completes with again Xiaomi's great design and uses the small bell alarm as a latch to lock the scooter into folded mode, yet again extremely simple or minimalistic, but useful and easy to use.

The power of the scooter is provided by a 280 Wh Li-Ion rechargeable battery that uses 30 cells and has a total capacity of  7800mAh and a total voltage of 42V when fully charged. The battery has fully automated battery management system that will keep the pack in shape by balance charging the cells individually and monitoring its output, voltage and temperature. The cells are also high quality 2600mAh (typical, each) and are made by LG. The pack configuration is 3P10S – 3 parallel and 10 series. The momentum of the Xiaomi Scooter is given by a brushless motor encased in the front wheel which has a nominal power of 250W and a top (burst) power of 500W, the developed torque is also impressive and it's rated to 16 Nm and can go uphill a 14% incline. The range of the scooter is around (achievable) 30 km when ECO mode is used while the top speed is 25km/h.

To complete the safety and usability of the Xiaomi Scooter and additional tail light that also acts like a pulse brake light was added together with a high power front LED headlight that includes a focusing lens. The light are decently powered and will increase low light visibility.

The 'control panel' of the scooter is also minimalistic and it features only a single push button that will: start and stop the scooter power, will change the working mode from ECO to normal and will also control the lights. The M365 provides two working modes an economical mode which will reduce the top speed to around 18-20 km/h and will also limit the acceleration force. This mode will highly increase range and you can easily achieve the 30km advertised range. The normal mode provides superior top speed in range of 25km/h and will vastly increase acceleration power making it really dynamic and sporty to use. On the panel next to the power switch you also get 4 LED indicators that show the battery range and working mode. Another nice detail of the M365 is that the LED will dim like a car dashboard when driving lamps are started.

smart electric scooter

You may ask why the M365 is also called a smart scooter? The answer is simple, Xiaomi integrated bluetooth connectivity between the controller and the Mi Home app, making it possible to use the smartphone to connect to the scooter and getting a lot of extra info along with the possibility to tune and tweak the settings. It will provide info about the current status of the vehicle such as in real time the speed, the range the battery status and so on. Other than that, you can see the current speed, the last distance you passed and the average speed. It’s a great feature to monitor or control the ride when performed by your children.

This scooter can provide skateboarding fun for children and adults alike. Who does not like to feel the fresh breeze while taking in the scenic view of nature while riding on a scooter? It is wonderful gift for you and for whomever you love.