This is an introduction and review of the Team Wolf Zhuque X05 DIY RGB Mechanical Keyboard which comes with the swappable switch.   

What are contents?

Team wolf Zhuque X05 Mechanical Keyboard
User Guide
4 extra keyswitches (red, blue, black, brown)
Wire keycap puller / keyswitch remover combo tool
Packaged with soft cell foam

Layout & Size

The Team Wolf Zhuque X05 mechanical keyboard is a tenkeyless keyboard, meaning it has no number pad on the right-hand side of the board and has 87 keys. It also features a fully standard ANSI layout, so there's a standard bottom row - making replacing these keycaps with aftermarket ones, very easy.
A tenkeyless board is also arguably more ergonomic in comparison to a full sized board, as it allows your mouse to be brought closer to the center. However, you do lose the advantage of having a dedicated number grid.


Overall Team Wolf Zhuque X05 mechanical keyboard is quite a minimal and sleek design. Team Wolf Zhuque X05 mechanical keyboard is constructed of predominantly metal - being sandblasted aluminum. There is no plastic top shell, so it has an exposed metal mounting plate (switch backplate). So Team Wolf Zhuque X05 mechanical keyboard has a 'floating key' design, like what's seen on the Corsair keyboards. This allows the switches to be seen a bit, and also allows for the lighting to be more exposed.
The aluminum mounting plate of Team Wolf Zhuque X05 Mechanical Keyboard is flush with the beautiful chamfered edge of the bottom shell - and I think that adds a bit of style to the keyboard. The bottom shell is a unibody aluminum shell, which feels nice and looks nice, but it doesn't have any screw bosses or any connections since that is all handled by a small plastic plate inside of it.
This plastic plate of Team Wolf Zhuque X05 mechanical keyboard features all the screw bosses and the reinforcing ribbing to make the board more sturdy. Furthermore, having a plastic plate above the aluminum bottom shell ensures that there are no potential shorts (if the electronics come in contact with the metal).
The branding, however, is too much for me. The 'ZHUQUE' branding is quite large and takes away from the sleekness of the board. It's also elevated, and there doesn't seem to be an easy way of removing this, unfortunately. The CIY sticker is removable. And the 'Teamwolf' branding is done in the right way and is nice and subtle.