Today, Nintendo has launched the newest gaming box - Nintendo Labo, is a series of cardboard collection which gamers can insert the switch into it and realize the different immersive gaming experience, such as play the piano, fishing, racing, as the robot, etc.


At present, there are two kinds cardboard kits - Variety Kit (sold at JPY¥

6980)and Robot Kit (sold at JPY¥ 7980) for your choice, and both of them are starting sold on April 20th.


Variety Kit

Includes the exclusive cardboard 28pcs, bounce card 3pcs, sponge 3pcs, orange strap 1pc, blue strap 1pc, gray connection ring 1 set, blue connection ring 4pcs, large rubber ring 2pcs, small rubber ring 6pcs.



Robot Kit

Includes the exclusive cardboard 19pcs, Thick cardboard 4pcs, bounce card 1pc, orange strap 2pcs, blue strap 2pcs, flat strap 4pcs, gray connection ring 10 sets, orange connection ring 2pcs.








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