As a GearVita newcomer, what’s your first want to know? How to create a new account? How to login? Or how to check the order?

This guide will tell you.

How to Register?

If you are a newbie on GearVita, you might as well register an account. It will help you record your history scan in case you can’t find them anymore. Meanwhile, it’s also very convenient to collect your wishlist and add your favorites to the cart. In addition, you can check your order whenever wherever you want.

Then, how to register? First, you need an e-mail address.

How to Login?

First, click the Sign in on the home page.

Then, input your e-mail and password.

How to check your order?

Get into your account, you can find the operation list detail on the left. Click the My Orders, you will get your order information. Meanwhile, you can get what you want by click the corresponding items.

How to retrieve the password?

If you don't remember your current password, you can use our password retrieval screen and reset your password.

First, click the Forgot Your Password

Then, input your e-mail address. You will receive a password reset e-mail.

Click the Set a New Password, you will be prompted to input your new password.

Finally, just click the Set a New Password. It will be done.

Start and enjoy your shopping.