GearVita Black Friday Thanksgiving Day delicious promotion feast is ready for you. As the feedback of two festivals, GearVita offers the double discount which lower than double 11. So many Black Friday promotion activities, Black Friday discount sale, Black Friday flash sales are right here on, get ready to catch Black Friday Sale 2017 in time. (11/13 UTC - 11/30 UTC)


First Course: 20% Off for All Product


In GearVita’s Black Friday 2017 promotion carnival, you can get all products by 20% off, yes, simply and directly, 20% off for all products on You can choose what you want via the lowest price. By the way, we promise all products on our website are sold at the lowest price. If you find any other lower price, you can contact us and we will give a $2 coupon to you.


Second Course: Flash Sales - Up to 90% off


During the Black Friday, GeaVita offers 3 products that at the different price ($4.99, $9.99, and $19.99) for flash sales per day. The products are a secret now, but it’s sure that they are various and different, so, just notice the information of GearVita Black Friday closely to seize the favorite items in time. (In view of really cheap price, don’t miss it! )

(PS: you can get the timely and effective promotion information of GearVita via following GearVita official account - @GearVita on your SNS)


Main Course: Luck Draw - Low to $0.01


GearVita provides the enough and amazing prize for you on Black Friday promotion carnival, includes super low price product (even free shipping), large amount coupon, and additional coupon. Everyone has 3 chances to get them per day. Just win the luck draw right now!


Dessert: Add-ons


If your order is over $49.99, you can get one super-value add-on for just $1.99/$3.99. And 8 items optional. Lower than cost price! Grab the opportunity!


Finally, We provide free shipping for the orders that payment amount over $39.



This is really a wonderful chance to get good products at the cheapest price. Nov 13th, come to GearVita Black Friday 2017 Sale and just pick out what you want for all the special offers.