GearVita Black Friday Sale is hot ongoing now! Let’s see what is really worthy to buy on this Black Friday promotion.


Firstly, it is certain that the most surprising is luck draw. 100% probability enables you to win them greatly. There is a list of luck that you may want to know.


1. 10% additional coupon

It means you can get what you want only by 72% of the original price.


2. 5% additional coupon

Get what you want only by 76% of the original price.


3. Get UiiSii C100 In-ear Headphone only by $0.01! (FREE SHIPPING)


4. Get Ugreen LP108 Universal Stand only by %0.99! (FREE SHIPPING)



5. $10 coupon


6. $5 coupon



Then, Add-ons. 8 add-ons are optional.


For $1.99 add-ons, you can choose:


1. Uiisii U1 In-ear Headphones


2. Patch Panda 1U USB Charger Adapter


3. Ugreen Universal Phone Stand


4. Romix RH45 Foldable Sports Water Bottle



For $3.99 add-ons, you can choose:


1. PUGGA GG8015D Automatic Retractable Dog Leash


2. Seenda IHUB-10 USB Type-C Card Reader


3. YAGE Linternas Torches Tactical Cree Flashlight


4. 32GB USB Flash Drives U Disk


Finally, as for super value daily flash sales items, please notices our exclusive page of Black Friday Sale.


Action right now! The opportunity is not always waiting for you!