When we are riding a bike at night, a bright bike light for bicycle lighting is very necessary. Today we are talking about a new product from Fenix, it is Fenix BC30R LED Bike Light. This bike light is perfect for road racing and bicycle riding, which is helpful when it comes to riding safety. Now let's take a closer look at this device and see how it perform.


BC30R is a bar mounted light and comes with a bracket to fix on the handlebars, which can then slide on and off this mount. The fenix bc30r has an OLED digital display, which helps the cyclists know their remaining runtime and the battery power. So they can decide whether to take the back road home or to hurry up and get home if the battery is getting low. The BC30R does have a compact body with built-in rechargeable batteries. Side and remote buttons are responsible for turning on\off and switching modes. Compared with BC30 bike light, the BC30R has 3 buttons (on-off and +\- modes). And the remote buttons can also works as charge\discharge indicator, changing light from green to red.

bc30r bike light


The body of the BC30R is constructed from lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy with excellent heat dissipation design. It uses two Cree LEDs behind custom optics to create a "dual pattern" beam. The light is cast wide and far, with flood optics filling in every detail near the light and the spot optics casting light far ahead. On high output the optics make riding with this light feel almost like having a car's headlights.

There are 5 different modes in fenix bc30r. The "Burst" mode is 1800 lumens and that'll shine about 161 meters, which can be used for group riding. Next level is "High" mode that is very bright. It is a 1000 lumens and will run for two hours and 40 minutes. Then "Medium" mode, which is 400 lumens. This mode may be the most comfortable. The "Low" mode is 150 lumens, and that is also comfortable for slow ride. The last one is the "Eco" mode of 50 lumens, which is ok for slow ride.

bc30r led bike light


● The Fenix BC30R does contain dual distance beam system. Two Cree XM-L2 neutral white LEDs does give you better color rendering which will guarantee a much clearer vision in rainy and foggy environments.  

● BC30R bike light use digital voltage and temperature regulation to maintain a constant output throughout the runtime of the light.

● The quick release bicycle mount that comes with BC30R is very innovative to hold the light to your handlebar, making it very user friendly.

● The BC30R is IPX-6 standard that can against dust, and it s waterproof so it can withstand heavy rain and splashing.

fenix bc30r bike light

In a word, bc30r led bike light may serve as a regular bike light with its high quality and durability. It is perfect for all weather in any season once you need it. This bike light is so bright with 1800 lumens that you can clearly see not only the area directly in front you but the ground ahead of your front tire. That is really helpful at a dark night when riding a bicycle. Just go for it if you are a bike riding lover.