When it comes to headphones, most of the people are really frustrated and actually confused about in that most time they can't help but change and purchase again a new pair of earphone. Why?Because the headphone they buy before is not perfectly suited to them and give them a terrible user experience. Here comes the question: how to improve this bad phenomenon and buy a completely suitable headphone? To begin with, you'd be better to learn more about the types of headphones and pick out the one that's fit for you. The objective of this article is to help you to solve this problem and understand all types of headphone.

#1 In-ear headphones

in-ear headphones

OK, we're very familiar with these main types of earphones that are commonly used for us. (Yeah, we also call it earbuds in our daily life.) Basically, the in-ear earphones can be further divided into two kinds involving the ones that stay rest at the peripherals of the ear cavity, and the ones that go inside your ear canals. The former is the most prevailing and earliest version of headphone. Therefore, if you'd like to choose the earphone that you prefer and feel comfy, you're supposed to know more about them.

in-ear headphones for sale

The first type is cheaper than the other kinds and many consumers still prefer. They think it more comfortable than the second ones. It features fantastic portability and often water resistance and sweat prevention, which is really propitious for people used in the summer.

buy in-ear headphones

The earbud that goes inside the ear cavities can easily get stuffed in your ears and give you noise reduction, so its sound quality is wonderful and you can totally get indulged in the audio world. But not everyone likes this kind of earphone since they will feel uncomfortable with the earbuds inside the ear canals. Furthermore, people need to pay more attention to the outside and safety when using these noise-reducing earbuds on the road.

#2 On-ear headphones

on-ear headphones

Yeah, the on-ear earphones more commonly applied to the office or at home and there're two main types of on-ear headphones as well: the ones that are press against the ears but not cover the whole ears and the ones that totally cover the ears. Many people easily puzzle the difference between them and currently, I'll let you know exactly.

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The first one features lightweight and is more propitious for the smaller ears and head. Generally, it can be foldable and convenient to carry. But as for most persons, this kind of on-earphone is not so comfortable as the second one because of the direct and constant pressure on the ears.

on-ear headphones for sale

Most people appreciate the second one over another since the headset can perfectly suit and cover the ears and would not put direct pressure on the ears. Therefore, compared to the former, it would be more suitable for your ears and you can wear for the whole day.

#3 Wired and wireless earphones

Except for the in-ear and on-ear headphones we've mentioned above, the earphones can be divided into two kinds as well in terms of the types of connection. OK, I think everyone gets familiar with the wired headphones that come with a cable. In general, the connectors of the wired earphones are the 3.5 AUX plug and 6.3mm plug. They're suited to most laptops, smartphones, MP3 players, radios, tablets, and other audio devices.

bluetooth wireless headphones

Additionally, wireless headphones occurred and have gained popularity in recent years. The wireless technology has been increasingly developed and brings more and more availability and convenience to users. Among them, Bluetooth is the most common and widely applied to our daily life. The Bluetooth wireless earphones can offer superior sound quality and let you more enjoyable. There're lots of excellent Blue earphones that are worthy of consideration such as TWS Bluetooth earphones.

To sum up, the earphones can be separated into different types including in-ear headphones and on-ear earphones, as well as the wired and wireless earphones. If you wanna purchase a pair of earphones that's perfect for you, you'd better select a kind that suits you best at first. Hope this article can help you have a deeper understanding of all types of headphones.

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