Have you prepared some particular protective case for your new iPhone X? If not, come and catch these latest best protective cases for your shopping reference.


Baseus WIAPIPHX Wing Case for iPhone X - $4.99


One of the main benefits of the Baseus WIAPIPHX Wing Case is its ultra-thin design. At only 0.45mm thick and 4g weight, the WIAPIPHX Wing Case is just like nothing while being attached to your iPhone X. High-quality PC material bring you the smooth and comfortable hand-feeling. In addition, the anti-fingerprint design enables you to use it more convenient.


Baseus Ultra Thin Plating PC Case for iPhone X - $5.99


This protective case features plating technology and dual color design which can make your iPhone X be unique and particular at once. Translucent PC material looks clear and touch smooth, bring you the comfortable hand feeling while using your iPhone X. 


Baseus Ultra Thin Transparent PC Case for iPhone X - $4.99


The design of the case is also in line with all the modern trends: it’s thin, lightweight and made of transparent PC material that will bring out the beauty of your iPhone X even more. Meanwhile, it won’t left your fingerprint at all after you used the iPhone X. Accurate hole design, Baseus transparent protective case can perfectly fit your iPhone X and offers the easy installation and removal.


Baseus WIAPIPHX-LS Leather Case with Stand for iPhone X - $6.99


Baseus WIAPIPHX-LS leather case adopts the 2 in 1 design, combines the functions of protective case and stand, plus, the stand is built-in so that you can enjoy the great convenience while watching the video by your iPhone X. Leather material provides the good hand feeling. In addition, it is still quite thin even a support is added. Thin, practical, convenient, comfortable, all of these features you will enjoy with this protective case.


Baseus ARAPIPHX-RY Half to Half Case for iPhone X - $6.99