1More is a new audio brand in recent years, which offers good quality and value-for-money earphones. Its single driver in-ear headphones are very impressive and so did the triple driver in-ears. Today we are introducing another outstanding earphones from 1More, the 1More iBFree. The 1More iBFree is an entry-level bluetooth headphones with good audio quality. So let's see how they perform.


1More iBFree earphone comes with a standard design with shiny metal finish. The colour of the wire matches with that of the metal back, that is sweet. The earphones are available in red, gray, green, and blue color variants. The wireless bluetooth headphones comes with a neck-bend style design. Flexible Ear hooks made out of Silicone make it easy to hold the earphones in position. So the earphones can still stay positioned within the ear even during heavy workout sessions. The box comes with three sets of silicone ear tips and sports grips or fins in the small, medium and large sizes. Once the ear tips and fins are perfectly aligned, it provides just enough isolation. Both the ear tips and the fins are replaceable.

1more ibfree earphone

The earphones are lightweight. it weigh just about 14 grams and you can barely feel them once you've put them on. It is comfortable enough to be worn for hours on end. The 1MORE iBFree earphones come with a single wire running between the driver heads, an in-line remote for switching the earphone on and off, toggling the volume. Overall, the 1MORE iBFree headphones features a pretty basic design.

Sound quality

The 1More iBFree do not really disappoint on sound quality. The output is appropriately loud while most frequencies come out pretty clearly. Overall, the sound is well balanced. This bluetooth headphones has an appreciable amount of bass, which is sufficient for an average user. Coming to the mids, they are pretty solid and warm, that is very expressive. String and wind instruments, and variety of beats can be easily heard and can be distinguished between. Highs of the earphones is loud and clear. The iBFree is particularly good at resolving details on vocal centric tracks. On certain tracks, the iBFree earphones truly worth their price in terms of sound quality. Compared to many entry-level bluetooth headphones, the quality of audio reproduction of iBFree is very good. Overall, the 1MORE iBFree produce excellent sound. It is good enough for casual listeners.

1more ibfree

The audio controls are on a small remote attached to the wire. The middle button is used to play and pause as well as to turn on and off the earphones. the right and left switch can be used to increase or decrease the volume and Next and the Previous song if you hold them for two seconds. Very easy to use.

Call quality

Call quality is good on the 1More iBFree. The earphones come with MEMS microphone which eliminates the noise while you are on a call. There is no problem in making calls when using the iBFree earphones even in traffic.

Battery life

The 1MORE iBFree packs in a tiny 60mAh battery which performs impressively well for its size. It took around two hours to charge completely and 1More claims it to last 8 hours after fully charge. In any case, a battery life of 8 hours isn't bad at all.

1more ibfree in-ear headphones


The 1More iBFree bluetooth headphones is a great option if you want to listen to your music while on the go. The sound quality of the 1MORE iBFree is no less than stunning. This such an entry-level bluetooth headphones can perfectly become your musical companion for your work out sessions. Besides, the 1More iBFree don't cost a lot when compared to the other expensive bluetooth headphones available in the market. You can get a good quality bluetooth headphones without spending more money. Just check it out at GearVita.