Yi company is a well known brand under Xiaomi that produces many excellent cameras including dash cameras. When speaking about the best dash camera for the car, Yi's dash car cam may be the name that come into our mind. The YI Mirror Dash Camera is the latest addition to Yi series of dashcams. This Yi's new dash camera can be a great companion for those who are driving a lot. Next let's take a closer look at this amazing dash camera.


The YI Mirror Dash Camera has a 4.3 inch touchscreen from where you can enter settings or give commands to the camera. The YI Mirror Dash Camera comes with dual-recording HD Cameras. The front facing 1080p camera features a 138° ultra wide-angle lens with f/2.0 large aperture, which provides excellent viewing capabilities even in low-light. The wide-angle lens can very easily capture the entire road ahead. And the rear facing camera captures 120 degrees with a 720p resolution and the rear camera has IP67 rating, which makes it rainproof and dustproof. When the system detects reverse motion it switches the mirror display to show what the rear camera sees on the screen on the front facing camera. When the built-in 3 axis adjustable gravity sensors are activated during an emergency, the YI Mirror Dash Cam will automatically activate emergency recording in the event of a collision, that means the camera will back up the current footage to prevent it from being lost in an accident.

yi mirror car camera

The YI Mirror Dash Camera has some new features while other dsashcams don't have. One of them is the 'driver fatigue' reminder. After driving a long distance and for a while, the camera reminds you of potential fatigue. Then the camera can be switched of only manually, making a safer driving for the user.

yi mirror dash camera

In terms of the connectivity of this dash camera, it is very easy. In order to see all those videos in the YI Mirror Dash Camera, you will need the Yi Dash Cam App. With using the app on your smartphone, you can view videos and playback history in real time. What 's more, you can download videos to your phone and share it with anyone in any time with the help of the built-in 2.4GHz wireless module.

It is worth mentioning that the YI Mirror Dash Camera is very easy to set up or Install. The materials and design of the YI Mirror Dash Camera make it easy to mount and will stay in place while driving. You can simply mount the camera over your original rearview mirror with the adjustable elastic straps.

yi mirror dash car dvr


To sum up, the yi mirror dash cam is a feature-packed dashcam and will be very useful when you need it. Yi is well known for providing good quality cameras at affordable prices, and the Yi Mirror Dash Cam is no exception. It has great camera quality, simple user interface, easy installation. And some new features like dual cameras, gracity sensors and driver fatigue alerts make Mirror Dash Cam stands out from the competition in the market. Now the Yi Mirror Dash Cam is available at Gearvita, you can easily buy it at a reasonable price.