We know the Apple has released plenty of wireless earphones. People may be hesitated or discouraged because of its price. Meanwhile, Xiaomi has also launched some Mi earphones with nice appearance and moderate price, which may catch your eyes and we will tell you more details in today’s review.

Mi AirDots Pro, today's leading actor, headphones look extremely good, being made of premium quality materials, unlike AirDots, which are entirely made of plastic. They are equipped with tactile buttons to control various functions: to play music, answer calls, or access various voice assistants (Google, Siri, Bixby).
Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro review
The design of the new Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro is very similar to Apple's AirPods. However, these are in-ear headphones that fit better in the ear and are likely to shield you from the outside. The ANC feature, which suppresses annoying background noise, also helps. Headphones are IPX4 compliant, which means they are also waterproof and can even be used in swimming pools while floating in the sun on the mattress.
Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro earphones for sale
The charging case and the headphones themselves are made of white plastic. In the lineup there is a black version of the headset, as it turned out, this color is very popular among users. The form factor is very similar to Apple Airpods, except for landing in the ear sink. Xiaomi AirDots Pro is an intra-channel headset.
Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro earphones in stock
The noise-cancellation feature is solid but I've noticed that on a busy street with morning traffic, you can still hear some of it. The touch sensors on the side of each earphone are super sensitive! This works great if you quickly pause a song or answer a call but can get a bit tricky when adjusting the actual headphone in your ear.

Obviously, xiaomi wireless earbuds is destined to be successful and will be sold in large quantities around the world. AirDots Pro earphones are inexpensive, high quality, non-autonomy is not worse than the competition, there is a really effective noise reduction function. If you still hesitated to buy Bluetooth headset from Apple, you could try this AirDots Pro Earphones from gearvita shop and get excellent listening experience.

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