Have you been trouble with the selection of headphones? They are both come with individual characteristics whether wired headphones or wireless headphones so that it’s always hard to decide which one is more suitable for you. This post will tell you the detailed difference that between wired headphone and wireless headphones.



The essential difference that between wired headphones and wireless headphone.

For wired headphones, in general, it is connected to your mobile phone or other audio devices by 3.5mm jack or USB plug. Of course, there are also 8 pin earphones for the newest iPhone.

For wireless headphones, it is connected to your phone or tablet by Bluetooth or NFC technology. More convenient to use.


Sound Quality

As the wired signal transmission is more stable and faster than wireless signal transmission, meanwhile, without attenuation after the transmission, the wired headphones offer the more clear, stable, and detailed sound for you.



In the world of the wired headphone, there is the portable in-ear earphones, practical headband headphones, professional monitoring headphones, and functional gaming headset.

Meanwhile, various of wireless headphones is also here for you to choose. Sports earbuds, mini wireless headset, wireless headband headphones, and wireless neckband earphones.



The wired headphones is always designed for usual usage (like in-ear earphones), functional usage (such as gaming headset, monitoring headphones).

And the wireless headphones is more focus on the portability and convenience. Therefore, you can see them in the sports (such as sports earbuds), outdoor activity (like mini headset, wireless headband headphones), and so on.




If you are an ordinary headphones users which do not require sound quality, and just want to use the headphones conveniently, the wireless headphones is more suitable for you. Or, if you are a sports lover, wireless sports earbuds is perfect for you.

Meanwhile, if you require the high sound quality for headphones, meanwhile,  do not care about the convenience of headphones, a wired headphone is better.


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