Smartwatch becomes the new popular trends in recently. Compared to the traditional watch, smartwatch offers the more convenience and practicality to us. But there is so many smartwatch in the market which offers different functions and features so that makes finding the right one even trickier.

We're here to dispel some of the confusion and worry so you can choose the right smartwatch for your specific needs. Before picks for a smartwatch, you are better to know which is your purposes and needs for having a smartwatch. In order to give you a reference, we have collected some main and common features of the smartwatch for you and hope you can do a better choice.


Smartwatch Features to Look for

For a smartwatch to be considered a smartwatch, it must be able to tell time—that much is a given. However, it's just about the only constant in a field where the choice of features and functions ranges far and wide.


Top-tier smartwatches from Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit are essentially miniature phones that sit on your wrist. They run pint-size apps, let you exert remote control of your smartphone, and include plenty of other abilities such as tracking your run around a park, storing music, or even making phone calls through a tiny SIM.


On the next level down, you see devices that are basically fitness trackers with a display: They focus on logging steps and other activities, and treat smartwatch features as a bonus. These devices can tell the time, and sometimes show simple notifications from your phone—but interactions are limited, which means you'll need to pull out your smartphone for most tasks. While they're not as capable as full smartwatches, they often cost much less.


Another category that's emerged is a traditional, mechanical watch with a few added smarts. These devices typically add features like a basic form of step counting with maybe a simple notification system as well. You get the style and the price of a normal watch, with the bonus of a little bit of fitness tracking.


Whichever category you lean towards, check for a few key specs. One is whether the watch works with your phone (iOS or Android); another is how long the battery lasts (mechanical watches are still ages ahead here). Also, check that the watch has the features you want. For example, runners and sports enthusiasts might want to look for standalone GPS, which lets your wrist-based device track your location even when it's not connected to your phone. Swimmers who want to record their progress should keep their eyes out for waterproof smartwatches. And so on.


Of course, form and comfort should also factor into your decision. If you're going to be wearing this watch a lot of the time, you want to make sure it's comfortable. So visit a retail store and try a few smartwatches on for size, or check through a selection of online reviews. You can get a feel for the look of a smartwatch through pictures, and through reviews, you should also be able to find details of its feel and weight on the wrist.



Now that you know what to look for, here are some distinctive and cost-effective smartwatches which you may are interested in:


B3 Plus OLED Smart Bracelet


Firstly, it’s not only a smart bracelet but also a Bluetooth headset. If you like the multifunctional products, that is it. With hear rate monitor, you can easily know your body status. Besides, elegant leather watchband and compact size make it very suitable for girls or the person who wants to get no tired while wearing smartwatch.



K88H Smartwatch Heart Rate Monitor


Designed with heart rate monitor which can take care of your health well. It supports to wake up the screen only by raising your hand, very friendly for users. With information push function, you can receive the real-time information at any time, and never need to worry that missing the message anymore. Besides, it also can be used as a Bluetooth remote controller which can help to take the selfie by yourself.



I4 Plus Smartwatch Mini 3G Smartphone


I4 Plus Smartwatch features the nano SIM card support enables you to regard it as a mini smartphone. 2-3 days long time standby time offers the convenient use to you. It also supports sports and Health Tracker which can record your daily steps, calories, and distance. Let you know your sports data, adjust your exercise program and get a healthier life. 


Lenovo HW01 Waterproof Smart Bracelet


Lenovo HW01 smart bracelet just like your fitness partner whose can record the detailed data of your body, such as exercise intensity, calories burned, heart rate, sleep time and quality, etc. With Lenovo HW01, you can know your real-time body status and do some adjustment in time. In addition, the IP65 waterproof design makes it perfectly apply to the various situation.



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