The power bank, you know, plays an essential role in our lives now. Power bank always provides the strong power for us, whether in daily life or on a trip. With it, you can effectively avoid the emergency sometime. Therefore, choose a good and suitable mobile power bank is very helpful. OK, let’s start our today’s topic - power bank now.



Firstly, lets know about some basic information of power bank.

Power bank, also named mobile power bank and portable charger, is a portable device that can supply power from its built-in batteries through a USB port. And they usually recharge with USB power supply. Technically, a power bank consists of rechargeable Lithium-ion or Lithium-Polymer batteries installed in a protective casing, guided by a printed circuit board (PCB) which provides various protective and safety measures. Due to its general purpose, power banks are popular for charging smartphones and mobile tablet devices.


Then, when you select a power bank, you can check these points of it.

1.Actual battery capacity (not rated capacity)

2.Li-ion battery or Li-polymer battery

3.If it supports fast charging (5V/2A above output or QC protocol)

4.How many charge ports

5.Recharge time


Of course, there are also some function that may just meet your needs.

1.Built-in light: for emergency lighting

2.Charge indicator light/screen: help to know charge status well

3.Solar panel charger: more convenient to use while in the outdoor

4.Waterproof: also is very suitable for outdoor activity

5.With hand warmer: perfect for winner    

6.With sucker cup: Can attach to your phone, portable and practical


Given the above, what you need, what power bank that comes with the corresponding features you can choose.



Finally, its time to recommend some special power banks to you.


Xiaomi 20000mAh Power Bank


This xiaomi power bank adopts 20000mAh high capacity high-density Li-polymer battery for long time charging, very ideal for the travel. It comes with 2 charging ports, so you can charge your phone and tablet simultaneously. Meanwhile, 5V 2A output design supports quick charging for emergency charging needs. Xiaomi 2000mAh power bank also has four LED indicator lights to show battery level so that you can know charge status well. Moreover, its 9S circuit protection function from Texas Instruments, ensure the safe use for you. Finally and most importantly, it only 338g, very easy to carry.



Funblue Tank 10400mAh Waterproof Power Bank


A power bank that born for outdoor. IPX7 waterproof design, it can cope with various environment and weather well. 10400mAh large capacity, Funblue Tank always keep your device charged. Meanwhile, it comes with 2 charge port which can charge your cellphone and tablet simultaneously. Designed with the leather hang hook, easy to hold and take along.



Xiaomi Mi 10000mAh Fast Charge Mobile Power Bank


Xiaomi Mi 1000mAh power bank features 5V/2A input and output that can quickly charge and recharge in case of emergency charging needs. 1000mAh high capacity Li-polymer battery, enough cope with daily use. In addition,  with aluminum alloy housing, it’s very durable.



Funblue Dots 9000mAh Mobile Power Bank


Funblue Dots 9000mAh power bank features sucker cup design that can attach to your phone or another device tightly, very easy to hold and carry, meanwhile, charge your phones anytime and anywhere. Four battery indicator lights design, let you know the charge status at any moment.



PURIDEA I2 2 in 1 Bluetooth Speaker 8000mAh power bank


Puridea I2 is not only a power bank but also a wireless Bluetooth speaker. As a power bank, it comes with 8000mAh battery that is enough for daily use. With built-in micro USB cable, Puridea I2 power bank can charge your phone directly without extra charge cable (For iPhone or other Apple devices, you may need an adapter). As a Bluetooth speaker, its compact size and HD sound make it a perfect music partner for home, little party, or office. Moreover, it also supports hands-free calls because of the built-in microphone.


Funblue Dora 2 in 1 3000mAh Power Bank Hand Warmer


Funblue Dora is also a multifunctional mobile power. It features special hand warmer function that can be a perfect little guy for the winner. With the mini size and flowerpot appearance design, you can put Funblue Dora power bank into your pocket easily a