Your residence gets accommodated with dust and other dirt which should be cleaned every day to keep it neat and clean. Many people think using the conventional broomsticks for cleaning purposes is a tiresome job. Gradually this conventional type of cleaning had been replaced by vacuum cleaners which do all the cleaning work in a very less span of time and require no artificial efforts at all, hence has become the almighty helper of more and more people specially the office workers. 

Now is the era of robotics, so vacuum cleaners in the form of a robot are preferred for tireless cleaning jobs. The Roborock S50 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner manufactured by Xiaomi followed this trend and has got a great response. In fact, as early as two years ago, Xiaomi released the first generation Mi robot vacuum cleaner, Roborock S50 is the technically improved second generation product.  

roborock s50 2

Roborock S50 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner is very small in size and hence can be stored anywhere in your house. It is a disc-shaped device having dimensions as 13.8 inches in diameter and about 3.8 inches in height, which is enough to get under the low furniture. It weighs about 3.5 kilograms only, hence can be carried easily anywhere. 

It has a glossy white finish, with the laser distance sensor protruding on the top, accompanied by three buttons (spot cleaning, power and charge) and a lid which can be opened. Under the lid, there’s a status LED, a reset button, a cleaning brush and the dustbin can be emptied here as well. With the containerof dust box has a volume of 480ml, it is easily enough to absorb dirt up to 60-100m2. On the front there’s a 2mm rubber bumper, which helps the device navigate around the house and detect obstacles like walls. In addition to this, the right side of the bumper also features a wall sensor and the air vent and the speaker take place on the back. Two large wheels for skipping over 2cm obstacles, an omnidirectional wheel, four anti-drop stair sensors, a powerful Nidec brushless DC motor, two charging pieces via which it draws power from the dock, a side brush to clean corners and of course, the main brush with adjustable height for all the suction.

roborock s50

The Roborock S50 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner cleans in all the three dimensions as the LDS (Laser Distance Sensor) scans the surrounding of the cleaning area in 360 degrees, that too for 1800 times in a single second. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technique consisting of an algorithm that computes the best efficient route for cleaning purpose. 

The Roborock S50 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner is provided with a Nidec DC motor which has no brushes and is a very powerful one. Since there are no brushes on this motor, it is maintenance free and proves to be cost effective too. This motor is powered by a battery of 5200mAh capacity made of Li-Ion which ensures 2.5 hours cleaning for a house of 250sq.m in a full charge. With 2 in 1 sweep and mop, it does not only sweep your residence’s floor but also mops and polishes it when a mopping pad provided as an accessory is attached to the lower end of the vacuum cleaner. The suction pressure of the vacuum cleaner goes approximately about 2000 Pascal, which absorbs all the debris, dust, small seeds, and all other wastes, all without wasting any time. All this waste gets collected in the 480ml dust box attached to the rear of the vacuum cleaner. The cleaner is provided with a 150ml water tank that provides the mopping attachment the water required to mop the floor. The filter is root-inspired when the mopping pad is served as leaves to control water flow like a living organism, it can mop the floor constantly for 45 - 60 minutes. Washable filter is not need of replacing frequently, the normal washing frequently is to wash one time for a week. 

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The Roborock S50 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner can climb an obstacle of about 2cm without any difficulty. It is mounted with a bumper of 2mm in size and this prevents any damage to the body of the vacuum cleaner. If the vacuum cleaner comes across descending stairs, the 4 anti-drop stair sensors mounted on the vacuum cleaner save it from falling down and getting damaged. The 10mm laser edge sensor provides anti-collision detection to protect the robot itself and furnitures. 

When the vacuum cleaner leaves the floor that is been cleaned and goes on any other surface than the floor, it detects the surface and power-off on its own. This is known as the Auto power-off feature, which makes it the most intelligent vacuum cleaner in the market today. The cleaner also has an automatic self-recharging sensor which charges on its own when the lack of power is detected.

roborock s50 robot cleaner

Using the Mi Home app, you can remotely control the robotic vacuum cleaner, set cleaning path, change cleaning modes and also can set schedules so as to when the cleaning should be done. Customized cleaning area is also available, just one click to set wherever you wanna clean with the map in your phone. In the Mi Home app, on the main screen, you can see the last cleanup’s cleaning map and statistics, such as cleaning time and cleaned area. All cleanups can be found with their details in the options. From the main screen, you can initiate a full cleanup or a zoned cleanup, or have the device go somewhere in the house instead of picking it up and carrying it yourself, so it doesn’t forget the floor map.

In the settings there’s a variety of options and modes, you can tweak the voice language and its volume, which announces the status of the vacuum cleaner, what it’s about to do or what problem it has encountered. Every status update is pushed to your phone via Mi Home notifications as well. You can turn on carpet mode, in which the device will automatically recognise carpets and increase the suction strength accordingly. The robot has a DND mode too, while active, it won’t make any noise by cleaning or playing voice prompts. You may also add timers to schedule cleanups regularly. 

The Roborock S50 also keeps track of the wear-and-tear of its parts and let you know if a part needs maintenance or replacement. The user manual and customer service are directly accessible from the Mi Home app and all guides come with detailed illustrations and video tutorials. Everything related to the device is centred in one application makes it easy for customers to get help. No need to download additional apps or visit different websites to get full support. Remote controls are also available, letting you manually control the robot like an RC car, if you want to navigate it around the house yourself. 

The Xiaomi Roborock S50 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2nd Generation is a highly intelligent home cleaning device which empower your house a super cleaning like a tornado. Can you imagine that you can walk on the floor with bare feet in no need of worrying about the debris or other granules? It provides an absolute nature lifestyle for you.