Regarding QCY Q26 Bluetooth Headset:

Have you tired of listening music with large and heavy headphone? Are you eager to get a portable headphone so that you can wear it anywhere anytime and just feel nothing? Then, QCY Q26 Bluetooth headset meets your needs absolutely. This little guy is super mini so that it looks almost invisible on your ear. Meanwhile, don’t underestimate its performance because of size. QCY Q26 Wireless headset features super bass that offers you the excellent music experience. With HiFi microphone for hands-free calls, this headset enhances your driving safety. Besides, there is a multifunctional button allows you to answer/end/reject a call, redial a number, playback and pause the music. All for convenient usage. Finally, within powerful batty, QCY Q26 can be used to play music continuously for 3 hours (full charge only needs 1 hour).


How to connection:


Step1: Activate Bluetooth pairing mode on the headset

At its power off state, activate Bluetooth pairing mode of the QCY Q26 Bluetooth headset by long pressing Power Button until the LED light flashes red and blue alternately

Step 2: Turn on the Bluetooth feature on your phone

Turn on the Bluetooth feature on your mobile phone: Slide the shortcut menu from the top of the screen and tap the Bluetooth icon to turn it on. Alternatively, enter the phone's "Settings - Bluetooth" to open it.

Step 3: Connect the earphone to your phone

Find and select the earphone's Bluetooth "Q26" in the list of nearby available Bluetooth devices.

Tap "Q26" gently, and it will appear under the Paired Devices. The LED indicator flash blue light once successfully connected / paired.

Notice: If the earphone has not shown on the device list, please press Refresh button to search it again.



How to use:



There are some tips may useful:


If you encountered some issues you cannot solve regarding QCY Q26 Bluetooth headset, you can check these tips first.

1. After connecting to the phone, the sound in QCY Q26 Bluetooth headset is not fluent.

● Disconnect the Bluetooth connection between the headset and your phone and connect them again.


● Connect the earphone to another phone to have a try. If the sound is still not fluent, it indicates either an earphone component fault, or an individual quality issue. While if the sound in the earphone is good, it will be your phone issue.


● Try to play local music instead of online music. Sometimes, the online music gets stuck easily due to network reason.


● Use the earphone after it is fully charged, because low power can cause Bluetooth connection instability.


2. The Bluetooth headset cannot connect to my smartphone via Bluetooth.

● Check your phone's Bluetooth version, check to see whether they meet the minimum requirements of the headset. The headset is highly compatible Bluetooth 4.1


● If the devices are compatible, but they cannot pair via Bluetooth, check whether you connect them with the correct pairing method. Long press the Switch Button, release it until the red and blue LED light alternately flash. Then activate the Bluetooth feature on your phone and search the Bluetooth device "Q26", click it to pair.


● Maybe there are simply too many Bluetooth connections / pairing records. If so, remove and forget the connection. Then search for the earphone again and connect with it.


Check whether the earphone is fully charged, low power can cause Bluetooth connection failure.


● Make sure you do not interrupt the Bluetooth connection by using too many Bluetooth devices at the same time, such as headsets, keyboards, or speakers.


● The Bluetooth effective distance is approximately 33 feet (10 meters) with obstacles also able to affect and disrupt the signal strength. Ensure your phone and headset are close to each other with few obstacles as possible.


● Turn off the phone's Bluetooth and then reactivate it to retry. Alternatively, reboot your phone.


● Try to connect the headset with another phone to check whether the Bluetooth connection is working. If it still cannot connect, it indicates either a headset component fault, or an individual quality issue. Contact our aftersales service for further technical assistance; but if it can connect, it will be your phone issue.


3. What kind of devices is the QCY Q26 Bluetooth headset compatible with?

Any devices enabled with Bluetooth.


We hope this short guide helps you get even more from your QCY Q26 Bluetooth headset. Thanks for reading!