How to maintain weight? - may is one of the most common troubles for girls, especially in winter. The weather is very cold so that we could not help absorbing heat, meanwhile, don’t want to do exercises at all. However, you know, a good figure not only let people look beautiful, but also make people feel confident and happy. Therefore, today let’s talk about how to maintain weight and enjoy a good day.


First of all, you have to know the basic and important thing to maintain weight is have a healthy life style. It’s nearly impossible to achieve the weight maintenance while living an unhealthy life. Maintaining weight requires continued modification of your lifestyle. Firstly, develop the healthy habit of life, like healthy eating and exercise routines. Then, just takes time to etch those healthy habits into a routine. Be patient with yourself, and don't let all your hard work go down the tubes. Know your weaknesses and be prepared. You will be tempted by certain foods and in certain situations, but if you keep your resolve strong, you can overcome temptations. Moderation is a great approach in those tough situations.

Sometimes, you also need to relax for a while. Moderately indulge yourself in your favorite foods will be more helpful and effective for maintaining weight. But please remember that it is moderate. You can choose one day of a week as the ‘relaxed day’, and it is best not to change the day from week to week.

Exercise routines require you to do exercises for a while every day. If you really hate to work out in cold weather, you can just play some indoor sports, such as do aerobics, do yoga, etc.


It’s also useful to take a page from people who've succeeded at the weight-loss game. The National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) tracks people who've lost at least 60 pounds and kept it off for a minimum of five years. Here are some of the things they do:

* Write it down.

Journaling your food intake is a powerful tool to keep you on track.

* Eat light and right.

Most successful losers follow low-fat diets -- no gimmicks, special diet foods, or magic pills -- because they simply don't work for the long term.

* Exercise daily.

Walking is the preferred activity, and these folks build it into their day, making it a must-do just like brushing their teeth. NWCR members engage in about an hour of exercise per day.

* Start the day with breakfast.

All the research supports the role of starting your day the healthy way.

* Weigh in regularly.

If they gain a few pounds, they immediately make adjustments to get back to their healthy weight.


For recording your weight in time, an electronic scale is essential. It can help you know your weight well all the time. Then, how to choose a practical and correct electronic scale? Here are some tips:


1.Accurate Precision

You can know your weight change more accurately.

2.Sensitive Sensor

Provides more accurate weighing.

3.Touch Material

Provides longer use time.

4.Body Fat Rate / BMI Detection Function

Directly know your body data and status.

5.APP Data Record and Analyses

Let you know body data well so that you can find the correct way to do self-adjust.


Finally, here are some good electronic scale which all are recommended:


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May you will maintain weight well with these electronic scales’s help. 

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