A power bank is a portable device that can be used to charge mobile phones and tablets when they are running out of battery. Anyone who uses a mobile phone exactly knows the importance of carrying a backup power bank. You have to confirm some important factors like charging specs, ports, and even cables before purchasing a power bank. And there are lots of competing brands of power bank, which may confuse you with various options. Here is the question: how to choose a high quality power bank for your devices?

Know your tablets and smartphones's battery capacity first

Before purchasing a good quality power bank, you have to confirm the battery capacity of your smartphone first. You can literally see how big your phone battery capacity just by looking at how many Milli Ampere Hours (mAH) it has. You could also look at the specification lists of the device found on the Internet if you don't want to pry open the phone.

Due to voltage boosting/current conversion during the charging process, some energy is lost. In our experience, real-world conversion rate of power banks can vary widely, anywhere between 60 and 75 percent. So a rule of thumb is to get a power bank with at least 25 percent more capacity than your device's battery.

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Here are some details you need to know before buying a power bank:


The capacity of a power bank is the most important factor to look at when buying such a device. It will determine how many times it can charge a device and how big the power bank will be. The capacity is measured in mAH or milli Ampere Hour. The devices it can charge usually also have a capacity shown using the same measurement. A power bank's capacity also includes the type of batteries used and additional features such as over-charging protection and portability. To be noted that the portability of a power bank is also conditioned by its capacity. Weight and size of a power bank increases proportionally with its capacity. So it is important to understand that higher capacity power banks are not only a heavy but difficult to carry around.

Quality And Safety

Nothing is more important than quality and safety. Clear safety details should be mentioned of the power bank. Some manufacturers will list the details on the package to prove that their power banks are safe. But there are also many other aspects to consider to recognize the power banks. If you do not have a good command of power bank, it is better for you to choose some famous brands. When you buy a good quality product from an established brand, the safety measures taken by the manufacturer are higher.

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Output And Input Power

Power banks also have quite a few charging speeds, so it's important to know how to read output power and input power levels on power banks. Output power is the rate at which your power bank can charge a device. Output amperage values are generally of either 1 or 2 Amperes. However, some power banks offer a higher output power as well to charge your phone faster.

Input power is the power that the power bank accepts when you are charging it. A power bank with a higher input allows it to charge quickly so that it can be used when needed. This is especially necessary for power banks with a higher battery capacity.


The size of the power bank is very important to look at because you need to take the power bank with you. A power bank for your smartphone or tablet is able to fit in your pocket. The size of power bank is actually matched to its capacity because when the capacity of a power bank is higher then the battery pack must be bigger; Although that is mostly true, with today's portable chargers even though the capacity may be quite large, the size of the power bank will be relatively small.


In terms of price, you need to match up the charging speed, capacity, size and the technology that the power bank uses to know for sure that the charger you're purchasing is indeed worth the price. Sometimes a cheaper model isn't matching your needs and the cheap power bank may not last as long as you wish. An other reason to take a good look at the price/quality ratio is the overload. Some cheap power banks can overload and damage your electronic devices. All of our power banks are tested and meet all European safety demands.

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There are a lot of different power banks that features lots of different aspects, you need to confirm series of things like capacity, size, prcie and safety before buying one. Don't buy a power bank before you take these aspects into consideration. Owing a portable power bank can make a difference whenever our mobile devices are running out of the battery. So just go for a high quality power bank now!