Pet always makes us happy, however, it’s not easy to take good care of pets. There is always some small troubles while treating them. Sometimes, only love and patience cannot works, but some little guys will do. In this post, I will recommend some practical and helpful tools to you.


1.Pet Bowl feeder

Pet feeder must be an essential equipment because of its simple and useful feature. With a feeder, you just need to put the food into the feeder on time, and then your cat/dog can take food by itself. Meanwhile, it also helps you to keep your home away from a mess.

Doglemi pet feeders adopt the innoxious plastic material that ensures the feeding safety of your pet. They can be used to hold both food and water. In addition, they are also very easy to use and wash.



Now, there are two models Doglemi pet feeders that you can choose- Doglemi DD01268 pet feeder and Doglemi DD01267 pet feeder. They are very similar except there is a circular center which can differentiate the food easily inside the Doglemi DD01267.


2. Pet Leash

Pet leash is a good helper for pet care while going out. Of course, it means that walk the dog in general. There are three models dog leash for choosing.

For small dogs, PUGGA GG8015D retractable dog leash is suitable. lightweight and encapsulated handle design, you can hold it freely. An effortless button lets you elongate or shortens it easily. Cute footprint pattern also makes it be a special ornament on your hand.



For large dogs, PUGGA retractable nylon dog leash is better. It has two size- 5m and 8m to choose. 5M is suitable for dogs weighing up to 35kg and 8m is suitable for dogs weighing up to 50kg.



Finally, if you are a sports lover, PUGGA adjustable nylon collar dog leash with sports waist bag is perfect for you. With it, you can walk or run with your dog together and don’t need to worry about that it may be lost. Adjustable nylon leash enables you to run freely. Moreover, with friendly waist bag, you can put your gadget into it. Just enjoy running.



3. Pet Basket